I am a digital marketing consultant currently working with a few companies to build digital marketing as core part of their business. The focus of this blog is to help entrepreneurs/marketers to not depend on any third party but to do everything about digital marketing in house.

Believe in one thing: “Life is simple, no need to complicate it :)”

Have a question, give me a shout out on following…

Twitter: @rajbid

LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/rituraj-bidwai-3b831615

Email: raj(dot)bidwai(at)gmail(dot)com



Instant Audit 

Do you want to know how well your social media accounts are performing? And get quick, actionable tips to improve your marketing on social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram)?

This is a 3-5 day activity in which you can have a complete audit of your social media accounts.

Social Media Consulting 

You get one hour of my undivided attention to discuss your pressing social media questions. We can talk about specific platforms, your marketing strategy, your questions about best practices, or any other social media topics that you are struggling with.

Digital Marketing Consulting 

I will help your team on how best to utilize and incorporate social media marketing into your business. A customize training session will be done once in 10 days (2 hours) based on your individual needs, goals, and desired results to ensure your team is functioning as efficiently as possible with digital marketing tactics. Apart from this I will also help you manage your social media channels.


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