F8 2017 for marketers – Part 2 (VR – Facebook Spaces)

real 4.1.jpg

“How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

Can you guess who made the above statement?

In 1999 an iconic movie came, it changed the perception of how we see the real world and perceived world. That movie was “The Matrix”. Directed by The Wachowskis, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, this movie pushed the scientific and technological boundaries. I wondered if this will be possible one day and looks like it will be in some capacity now.

With the advent of technology and AI, VR has been at the forefront of creating novel experiences for end user but none of it has been implemented at mass scale. In this blog we will look at what Facebook announced at F8 and how it will be beneficial for marketers.

The platform is in beta version but Facebook did give us a good peek inside this new VR platform that can be accessed as of now via Oculus Rift VR gear.

The name of the platform is Facebook Spaces (FS).

FS will allow us to hang out with our family and friends who are not physically nearby. What does that mean? Let’s answer it with 3 scenarios:

  • A friend and you are planning a trip to a place and you experience it in 360 environment through FS.
  • You are moving in a new apartment and want to show it to your best friend. It’s possible. Both of you can enter the FS environment and can also decide the furniture position and design if you have the specs.
  • It’s a friend’s birthday but you all are in different cities. No fear, FS is here. All of you can get on to FS and plug-in those friends who can’t via video call. Friends who are on a video call will experience VS via video.

Now all of this and more is possible with FS. All you need is a virtual avatar (you can design it yourself) and you are ready to roll.

But this still doesn’t answer the main question – how is it benefitting Marketers?

A few scenarios:

  • Interior decoration – furniture or paint brands can create try-out scenarios before actually buying the products.
  • Retailers – fashion, accessories, and apparel brands can let the customers try products and create their own virtual avatars.
  • Education – interactive classes about complex subjects can make learning very fun.
  • Real Estate – A few players have done this in some capacity but the level can be taken up a notch more.
  • Entertainment – A very good example is recent film Kong. They did an immersive VR experience of a scene from the movie and let me tell you it was awesome. Check it out here.

The list can go on and on…

But how can marketers create immersive experiences – is there a gear available that ticks all the boxes? The answer is “Yes”.

Facebook has introduced Surround 360 technology. The FB newsroom states – “The newest designs for the Surround 360 technology allows people to produce amazing high quality videos for VR. The new x24 and its smaller counterpart, x6, create some of the most immersive and engaging content ever shot for VR. The new camera technology lets you move around within the video scene and experience the content from different viewing angles. This means you can move your head around in the world and see it from different angles — what’s known as six degrees of freedom, or 6DoF — bringing the feeling of immersion and depth to a whole new level.”

surround 360 camera Facebook.JPG

Well that’s about the gear but let’s come back to the FS platform. If you want to know more about it, you can sign up for updates for either of the following categories:

  • I want to try out VR apps
  • I want to develop VR apps
  • I want to build VR content

Click here to sign up.

That’s it for today. Till next time keep doing awesome work 🙂




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