F8 2017 for marketers – Part 1 (Augmented Reality)

augmented reality header.JPG

I have never felt the kind of exhilaration for any movie before as I felt it while I was watching Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. Brilliant piece of work. Rajamouli has done something which people didn’t think was possible for any Indian filmmaker. Not only production wise but box office wise too, INR 1200 crores and still counting…

I will draw a similar analogy for what Mark Zuckerberg and his team has done with AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) at the recently held F8 in San Jose, California.

But, here is the million dollar question – “What does it mean for me (mainly talking from a Brand custodian’s perspective)?”

In this blog series I will try to shed light on all announcements that happened at F8 and how marketers can take advantage of it. Let’s go through each one-by-one.

Augmented Reality:

People have been talking of AR for the longest time but no one was able to give it mass level adoption. Exception to this was snapchat with its filters functionality.

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg –

1 AR camera.jpg

Do you remember Pokemon Go? I bet you do. May be you were able to catch Pikachu after all.

The point being, all cool camera features that FB has been launching is moving towards integrating AR in social media.

How? The demo showed by Mark Zuckerberg clearly shows that AI being used can identify the object in the screen of the camera – the image can be converted into a 3D scene, objects tagged can pop-up info about the product, objects tagged can have their own animations e.g. after tagging a plant pot and clicking on the cloud, an animation was created where a cloud was showering rain on the plant pot.

Another example – you can see at the start of this post an image which shows how a boring meeting table became an exciting video game battle ground.

Coming back to the question – How?

Imagine you have a T-Shirt brand. The new design is tagged with a frame that depicts a bat-copter flying out of the t-shirt and the person has a batman mask saying a dialogue from the movie. The user will be very interested in knowing how much does the T-shirt cost. And that is the first window of opportunity for a sale. But it also means that the frame effects and mask effects can be used by other Batman fans to do awesome stuff. And that too will give the brand a viral reach.

Let’s see how these camera effects platforms could be used. There are two main products – Frame Studio and AR Studio.

Frame Studio – Design frames for a special event, to show your support, or just for fun. Your frames can be used in profile pictures or in the new Facebook camera.

Frame studio image.jpg

AR Studio – Create advanced effects for photos and videos, including expressive masks, animated frames, and augmented reality that feel like magic.

AR studio image.jpg

That’s it for this time. Will keep things coming in future parts. But if you really want to see what Facebook’s vision is, check out the road map below:

f8-10 year roadmap.png

Till next time, keep doing awesome work…


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