Great UGC Brand Examples On Instagram

Great User Generated Examples on Instagram India

User Generated Content (UGC) has been a dark knight of sorts for digital marketers all these years.

When I first searched google with these 3 words, following was the result.  

_UGC image 1

The third element is very important, it’s all images.

A very important challenge which brand marketers face is how do they create more engaging content that not only gets the buzz going but also creates an affinity among users. Well the answer is “Collaboration”.

………means ‘work together’.

That’s all there is to understand about UGC.

But how to do it on Instagram is where it all gets difficult.

Today I have compiled a list of examples where this process has been done in a great way.


1. Chumbak

They have been an embodiment of beautiful and quirky home accessories – from bags to wallets to mugs to keychains and who can forget those awesome fridge magnets we die for. The brand has been able to stay true to its philosophy of “Make Happy” through and through.

Founded in 2010, Chumbak started to post on Instagram in early 2014. They have more than 83k followers who are really engaging as a community.

So what kind of content spikes interest – food and travel capture the top slots. Product pictures by customers done in an engaging manner are appreciated by the brand no matter what.

Here’s one example:

The brand was running a campaign which invites interesting snaps for a specific theme and fans own interpretation of that theme. This one was for “Daily Commute”.

We can see a snap from Delhi’s crowded Metro, one where a street child is just happy carrying a bunch of pens, and another where someone is reminiscing memories with colorful balloons.  

chumbak image 1

chumbak image 2

chumbak image 3


All these images are always liked by the brand. Each snap touches a chord in our heart and takes us back to the place where we are ourselves, Happy ourselves. This is the reason Chumbak has been able to grow their follower base from 33k last year to 83k this year.

Proof of the pudding is in execution and Chumbak seems to be doing a damn good job of it.


2. Paper Boat

When I think of my childhood, one of the favorite memory is me playing in rain water while returning home from school. Mom is running behind me to ensure that I don’t hurt myself and as soon as my mom grabs me I see a Paper boat passing by in the stream.

This brand has been able to strike a nice chord with childhood memories, nostalgic music (yes I can hear Malgudi days playing) and extremely attractive but hygienic packaging.

It has been weaving its image one story at a time on Instagram.

The follower base has grown from 800+ to 11k+ in one year.

All thanks to the brand’s storytelling style, which is very unique. The in-house team designs one visual every day for Instagram. A few examples are given below:


The first video has three girls playing this game –  

Ham-cheese, hamburger,

Sauce, potato chip-chip-chip

PaperBoat image 1


The second video has the ever famous Kancha game from our childhood.

PaperBoat image 2


The third video has the lagori strike which we all remember.

PaperBoat image 3

Apart from this, contextual content that is fresh and topical keeps coming in. Here are a few interesting ones:

PaperBoat image 6PaperBoat image 5PaperBoat image 4

Nostalgic, interesting, exhilarating. Paper Boat ticks all the boxes for me.


3. Manasi Bungalow

This is a great example of how a small outfit can use Instagram’s strengths to its advantage. Known as the “House of Bliss” (their communication always tilts towards this motto), this quaint little villa cum weekend getaway place uses pictures of their customers to tell a story. In this process they always highlight why people should find excuses to get away from their busy schedule and pamper themselves at Manasi Bungalow. The CTA is always to contact their Leisure Concierge (I like the sound of that). Here are a few examples:

Manasibungalow image 1Manasibungalow image 2Manasibungalow image 3


That’s it for today. I am thinking of creating a blueprint for UGC on Instagram. Interested? Let me know in comments and I will start working on it 🙂





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