Useful Instagram Updates For Brand Marketers


Recent Updates On Instagram For Brands

What’s up with Instagram?

……..It’s growing very quickly.

400 mn+ monthly active users

75%+ are outside the US

3.5 bn likes daily

80 mn+ average photos per day are uploaded

They are projecting monthly active users to touch 1 bn in the next 3 years.

Well the answer to the question – Lots up with Instagram.

Recently a few important announcements have been made from Instagram and one specifically for Brand Marketers.


Update 1)  Direct Message

Instagram send to image 1

Click the arrow to the right of the comment box to send Instagram posts via direct message. Direct messaging can be used in an effective manner by any business. E.g. While you are browsing through the content, a post may strike an idea in your mind that you may want to share with your team member without posting it publicly on the feed.


Update 2) Explore button and other desktop version updates

In the desktop version of Instagram you will be able to see “Explore” button shaped as a compass icon, at the top right side. It’s the leftmost button.  

instagram explore button

The heart shaped icon in the middle lets you check notifications.

instagram notifications image

Now you can comment on posts from the desktop version, this was missing before.

You can’t upload photos from desktop unless you are using apps like Later, Hootsuite, or Buffergram.


Update 3) Video capability improved

Instagram has increased the video clip time from 30 to 60 seconds.

You can do a lot of awesome stuff like do behind-the-scenes, give a teaser of that next gig happening for a band or give a short food tip.

The engagement on instagram is known as views and not as likes. Videos do not run on  autoplay, so the user has to click to watch. Below is a snapshot for Game of Thrones stars singing the theme song. 

insta view video image

A view is counted when the video is seen more than 3 seconds.   

Video could be done in multiple ways –

(i) Record it in the Instagram app, use their stop and go option so the final output is really intriguing.

(ii) Do the video from the mobile and then upload on Instagram.

(iii) Use third party apps such as “Video editor no crop,music,cut” or “PicPlayPost”. These give you an amazing option to do video collages or dubsmash or put blur border.


Update 4) Ad overlay for Instagram Ads

The performance marketing ads for Instagram were launched in September 2015. The ad overlay feature would show the CTA post a tap on the sponsored post. The CTA would show either Go to Website or Go to App Store option. Now Instagram will pull the Business Page name from Facebook, display URL, destination URL.

There are separate options for mobile app installs in iOS and Android ecosystem.

Consumers have option of taking an action either by tapping the image, then clicking on CTA which is revealed, or directly click on CTA button which is given at the bottom of the image on right side.

image example ad overlay

(Source –
That’s it for today – next time we will see amazing examples of UGC on Instagram. What’s that……? Stay tuned 😉


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