How to create Brand presence on Instagram

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Pictures tell story in much smoother ways than text could ever do. With 400 million monthly active users,  75% of them are outside US, 80 million photos are uploaded daily contributing to 3.5 billion likes.

These stats are impressive, but any brand should first consider following points before getting on Instagram:

  1. Identify gap – Whether you have used Instagram before or not, what matters is how you identify the TG that’s on Instagram and not on any other social media platform, if the difference is more than 20% then you should seriously consider being on Instagram.
  2. Set objective – no journey begins without the end in mind. Due to the instantaneous nature of the platform you can look at increasing customer engagement, incentivizing consumers to interact with the brand, connect with influencers, showcase product usage in a fun manner
  3. Integrate with other social media platforms – Today brand recall is highest for those initiatives who use strength of  each platform to bring in totality. E.g. A brand may announce launch of a cooking contest on Facebook but will ask to share interesting tips on Instagram, have tweetchats on twitter and finally call shortlisted participants battle it out at an on-ground event.

After thorough consideration of above given questions, if you are lead to create a presence on Instagram, do keep in mind the following points for an effective marketing strategy.


“Content” is king but “Context” is god.

Creating your own content is the “Mantra” for Instagram. But before creating content you must figure what should be the objective of this content. That’s where context comes into picture. Instagram could be used to showcase products just like what Chobani does, they have only yogurt as the product. Storytelling is done around recipes and they are doing an awesome job with it.  

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What type of content should I do?

Even if Instagram originally started as a photo sharing app, there are a lot 3rd party apps that let you do – time lapse videos, GIFs, text over image kind of content. A few of these apps are –

>> Hyper Timelapse for Android and Hyperlapse for iOS

These apps allow you to create time lapse videos with a host of options. You can record videos at normal rate and change the frame rate to 8x for final output.


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>> Boomerang available on Android and iOS

There’s just one button! The app takes 10 photos and stitches them together, speeds up the video and then loops it back and forth. This is my personal favorite. Imagine if you can recreate the magic of those special moments when your friend makes that perfect dance move for the first time, or does an amazing maneuver while doing a parkour move. Now you can live the same moment back and forth with Boomerang!

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>> TextSwag for Android

Text Swag “automagically” turns your words into beautiful photo text designs!

Creating amazing text layouts takes only minutes in this app – with just a tap. No matter what content you have, the user interface in this app is so simple that you can’t control your creativity and up comes amazing content which you thought was not possible.

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That’s it for today. Stay tuned for some amazing tips in the next article.


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