How to create a lead ads campaign in Facebook – Part 4

attracting an audience.png

In October 2015 Chevrolet launched its SUV Trailblazer. This variant is a direct competition to Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero. Renault had done a tie up with Amazon to sell these SUV’s online. To reach relevant audience custom segment targeting was done on LinkedIn’s CXOs Network and Business Traveler. The video ads were targeted on the basis of interests, namely golf enthusiasts and travel lovers. Geo-targeted ads were also done to drive footfall to the dealerships.

The campaign sold 8 SUV’s in 5 days, had a 400% rise in search volume and generated 176 PR stories.

This campaign goes on to show how important placement, optimization and pricing is for successfully achieving the end result for a brand.

Today we are going to look at how you can implement the above mentioned 3 elements for ‘Lead Ads’.

At the ad set level define where you want your ads to be showed – desktop/laptop or mobile.

placement device image

You can select the kind of device you want to target or if you want to show ads when the users are connected to wifi. This is useful in case of video ads.

placement device image 2

Select devices on the basis of operating system Like Android or iOS.

placement device image 3

You can go laser sharp with what kind of devices you want to target. E.g. May be you are looking at people who have a particular make of iphone.

placement device image 4

Now let’s look at what settings we can do at the ‘Optimization & Pricing’ level.

Here you can actually decide on what basis you want the ad to be showed to potential customers. There are two options as shown below. Personally I stick to the objective of the campaign. E.g. In this scenario I will select optimize for leads option. This will ensure the lowest cost per lead.

Optimization and pricing image 1

Another great feature under ‘Optimization & Pricing’ is to bid for the objective you are trying to achieve. Again two options – Automatic or Manual.

Automatic means Facebook will set the bid amount on the basis of audience, how relevant your ad is to them and how many competitors your ad has.

If you choose Manual then you can set a bid for the result but you will be charged on impressions being served to get a result for that bid amount. E.g. you set the bid for a lead at Rs. 10 and you got 100 leads, but to get these the ad was shown to 2000 people (impressions). Cost per thousand (CPM) impression is Rs. 500. The total amount charged will be 500 x 2 = Rs. 1000. So you got a lead for Rs. 10 ultimately.

Optimization and pricing image 2

But if you change the optimization criteria from Leads to Link Clicks then you will be charged on the basis of link click and not impressions. That’s why it is important to select the optimization setting closer to campaign objective.

That’s it for today. Next time we will look at how to create ads for Lead Ads kind of campaigns. Till then keep being awesome 🙂


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