How to create a lead ads campaign in Facebook – Part 3


Around two years back DBS Bank came up with an amazing campaign called ‘Chilli Paneer’. These were a set of webisodes which weaved love story of a foreigner & Indian. The focal point was their passion for food and struggles the couple had to go through in order to realize their dream of having their own restaurant. I am sure you will love it. Check it out here.   

Now imagine you wanted to target people who have “Food & Drink” as interest plus if we knew the kind of shopping, fitness habits these people had… Ya, you must be thinking this campaign would have got so much more penetration amongst their TG.

Today we are going to look at how you can target relevant TG for Lead Ads.  


Let’s define audience for our Lead Ad set. First select ‘Location’. There are four types of audiences you can select from. E.g. You are looking for people who are staying at pune only, then select second option and type Pune in the search bar given below it, all people in that area will be targeted.   

audience location image 1

Now imagine if you are looking at people who are not staying in that city but are traveling from outside. You can select the 4th option. Interesting thing is you can try include-exclude combination to go laser sharp in your targeting. In the below given example, I am targeting those who are traveling to Mumbai but excluding those who are traveling to Colaba.

You can define radius for the location you are choosing. This is really beneficial when you want to do catchment promotion for a store or drive footfalls from a particular area.  

audience location image 2

If you are finding it difficult to target a particular area then just use the ‘Drop Pin’ feature you can see on the bottom right side. Just zoom in to the area and drop a pin, that area automatically gets excluded or included as per what you have chosen.


Imagine if you are a Restaurant & want to focus on people who speak a particular language, the same is possible via ‘Language’ targeting. Here I am targeting people who are traveling to Mumbai plus who speak either of four languages.

audience language image

Now comes the most important aspect for the targeting bit. This one is my favorite, called ‘Detailed Targeting’.

Almost all combinations are possible from this. Let’s look at certain scenarios:

  1. A medical equipment company looking for people in healthcare, medical field. They can use Interest & behavior targeting as shown below –

detailed targeting image 1


  1. You can see ‘Narrow Audience’ at the bottom of the above image. When you click on the option you can define which other factor has to be part of the TG.

narrow audience image 1

narrow audience image 2

Here, I have selected people who have interest in Healthcare, Medical plus who have interest in ‘Fitness’ as a compulsory condition. This really narrows down the TG & allows your campaign to be more effective.

Apart from this if you are looking at excluding a particular segment, that is also possible through exclusion option as shown below.

exclude audience image 1

The final piece is using ‘Connections’. Here you can define if you want to include-exclude people who are connected to your page, app, or any event. E.g. you want to target people who are connected to your app and their friends but exclude those who did join an event of yours in the past.

audience connections image 1
That’s it for today. Next time we will look at Placements, Optimization & Pricing, Delivery options at ad sets level. Till then keep being awesome 🙂


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