How to create a lead ads campaign in Facebook – Part 2

I came across a very interesting campaign recently. The video ad starts with a pregnant lady (played by Radhika Apte) waiting for a car. Shortly her boss comes in the frame & both of them get in the boss’s car. While the car is moving along the road, conversation inside the car hovers around how pregnant women can’t give their 100%, which is the boss’s perspective whereas the pregnant lady justifies how she has given more than what others have. But as soon as the conversation is about to end the pregnant lady throws a curveball. Watch this ad here.

It’s a very delicate topic which is handled exquisitely. The ad brings to the fore an age old debate –  where one school of thought insists women should be resting during their pregnancy, while the other, does not see pregnancy as a handicap to her performance. What is your thought? Touching right, I also thought so.

Now let’s consider a startup running a CSR campaign where they are looking for volunteers or contributors for the cause. It gets difficult to do the core work if CSR team gets stuck in aspects such as – quality of landing page, mobile responsiveness, load time should be good, minimum fields need to be there, Ad should not sound intruding, etc.

To cut down the campaign launch process, it can be a good option to go for lead ads. Today we will see what settings we need to do at Ad set level.

First click on the campaign that you have created.

campaign tab image

You will be taken to the Ad Set tab. Click on the “Create Ad Set” button.

create ad set image

One pop-up will appear where you can select ad set from existing campaign or create a new one. I have opted to create a new one.

ad n ad set image 2

Once created you will be taken to the dashboard. Now select the page that you want to advertise for. Agree to the terms & conditions which will come next.

select page image

Once agreed the same area will look as follows.

select page image 2

Now we will have to select details for Budget and Schedule.

You will have to select from two options – “Daily”, “Lifetime”.

If you want to use Ad scheduling later then select “Lifetime” as the ad scheduling option is not available for “Daily” budget.

select budget image

The next step is to schedule the ad for the campaign.

select schedule image

When you select the “Lifetime” budget option you can select the day and time when you want to run the ad.

daily schedule image

Let’s set the audience now.

There are two options you can select from – New Audience, Saved Audiences

audience selection image_1

Choosing saved audiences will save lot of your time and efforts as you don’t have to go looking for that perfect targeting, you must be using it already for other campaigns.

If you choose the new audience option then by default the location, age field is defined. This is too broad. In order to get the desirable TG, click on “Edit Audience”. A pop-up window appears.

new audience edit audience image

Here you can define in detail what kind of TG you are looking for. We will go through this part at a granular level in the next post, till then keep being awesome 🙂


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