How to create a lead ads campaign in Facebook – Part 1

Many a times when marketers are creating lead based campaigns  they have to struggle with aspects such as – quality of landing page, it has to be responsive, load time should be good, minimum fields need to be there, the ad should not sound intruding and host of many other variables.

Taking a user away from an environment like Facebook could be a risk. On FB a person comes to catch up with his/her friends, family. So how can you keep the person on Facebook but still get that all important lead for which your bosses chew your brain. The answer may be “Lead Ads”.

Recently Facebook has launched “Lead Ads” functionality wherein marketers don’t have to worry about the quality of landing page, load time, etc. The forms are developed or available in the FB environment itself. Let’s see how you can create a “Lead Ads” campaign in Facebook.

I am using Power Editor to create this campaign. Here’s how you can access it from Ads Manager.

Go to Ads Manager à click on “Power Editor” tab given on top

power editor tab image

A dashboard similar to that of Ads Manager will open.

power editor dashboard image

Now click on “Create Campaign”.

Create campaign image

Select objective as “Lead Generation”.

Campaign objective image_1

Campaign objective image_2

Then select whether you want to create a new ad set or use existing one. Repeat the same process for creating an ad as well.

Now click on “Create” button and your campaign is ready.

Now you will be taken to the “Manage Ads” tab. Here you can do changes to the campaign, ad set & ad level.

Manage ads tab_image


First let’s look at the “Campaign Details” area.

You will see below that you can set a campaign limit. Once your limit is reached, the campaign stops automatically. But in order to avail this feature the campaign limit has to be minimum Rs.5,000.

campaign details_image

If you have your campaign budget less than Rs.5,000 then there is an alternate way. You can do setting at ad set level by defining the per day budget, start date, end date. Voila! You can work with any amount of budget like this.

That’s it for today. Next time we will see what settings need to be done at ad set & ad level.

Till next time keep being awesome 🙂


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