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Recently I was in a two day conference where a lot of emphasis had been on how video is making a difference in consumers shopping preferences. According to “Think with Google” there are four different kind of micro moments which customer experiences.

1 – I want to watch what I am into moments – these are mainly related to one’s passion or interest – data suggests that 53% of online video viewers watch online video to be inspired or entertained.

2 – I want to know moments – mainly related to learning or researching – data suggests that nearly 70% of millennials agree that they can find a video on anything they want to learn.

3 – I want to do moments – how to do certain things/activities is what is being searched in this context – data suggests that searches related to “How to” are up by 70% as compared to last year.

4 – I want to buy moments – most important for marketers, these are mainly pertaining to what or how to buy – customers in 18-34 age suggest that YouTube is the best place to learn about a product or service that interests them.

(Data Source:

Well imagine if your shopping campaign can be showed on YouTube while customers are going through these micro moments. Purchase decisions can be a lot more quicker than what they are right now.

But we can reserve this topic for some other day. Today we will look at steps for setting up shopping campaign in AdWords.

First log into your AdWords account. Then click on “+Campaign” button as showed below.

+campaign image

Click on “Shopping” option. You will be taken to the “Select campaign settings” page. Here you can give your campaign a name, load setting from existing campaign or give new settings, provide merchant id for which you are creating the campaign.

Merchant identifier image

Select country of sale where the products will have to be sold. This is related to the target country field which is mentioned in product data in Google Merchant Account. When the campaign is getting executed the system checks which target country the product will be delivered in and accordingly pulls it into the shopping campaign.

country of sale image

There are advance shopping settings also which you can use for the purpose of advertising local products. These are “Campaign priority” and “Inventory filter”.

Campaign priority could be set at – low, medium or high

Campaign priority image

The rules used for determining bids in this case is as follows – When the priority is same across all the campaigns then the highest bid value will be taken. If one campaign has high priority & other campaign has low priority, then the product bids are taken from high priority campaign.This is done even if the lower budget campaign has given a higher bid.

Once the budget for high priority campaign runs out then the bid from low priority campaign is taken. Take an example – Priya has a bakery shop and has started a campaign for winter. Now one product is cupcake, which is also listed in cakes campaign. Priya has a specific budget for the winter campaign and wants it to be expended first. In this scenario winter campaign has to be set as high priority and cakes campaign low. So when winter campaign budget is expended,system will take bids from cakes campaign.

That’s it for today. Next time we will look at what settings need to be done for creating custom filters and using local inventory ads. Till next time keep being awesome 🙂

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