How to create a shopping campaign in Google AdWords – Part 1

How to link merchant center with google adwords

I was casually surfing through net due to the recent buzz about the Diwali shopping sale. While searching on Google, I typed ‘notebook 2 gb ram’  and I got the following result:

notebook search results image

Now many of my friends asked in past that why we don’t get an option to do this kind of campaign. The answer was very simple – they always had an option but they didn’t know ‘how to do it’. In this series I am going to answer that question.

Before you want to start a shopping campaign, you will have to adhere to certain requirements.

1st you will have to register in Google Merchant Center. When you open a Google Merchant Center account, following window will be opened.

Google merchant Signup image

Once the setup is done, you will have to link Adwords & Google Merchant Center account.

Check to make sure that you have the right access level for your AdWords account. You need to have “Administrative Access” to approve Merchant Center linking requests in AdWords.

– Login to AdWords account

– Click on the settings icon on right side of the screen

Adwords settings image

– Click on the accounts access tab on left side

Accounts access image

– You should have the ‘Administrative Access’

Admin access image

Now you will initiate the link from Google Merchant Center. The following combo is possible:

Single AdWords account -> multiple Merchant Center accounts

Single Merchant Center account -> multiple AdWords accounts

Now here’s how you can send a linking request from Google Merchant Center:

– In your Merchant Center account click on Settings -> AdWords

– You will be required to put AdWords customer ID. This ID could be found in your AdWords page as showed below:

Adwords customer id image

– Now click on Add

The next part is accepting the linking request from your Google AdWords account. Here are the steps:

– Login to your AdWords Account, click on the Settings icon on right hand side of your page. Visit the ‘Linked Accounts’ page as showed below.

Linked Accounts image

– On this page click on Merchant Center tab as showed below.

Merchant center tab image

Here you will see the notification that you have to Approve the link. If you Reject the link then you will have to send a new link from Merchant Center.

– Once approved your AdWords & Merchant Center account is linked.

Now your AdWords account can pull product specific data and use this to show different ads. By default the ads are showed on Google search network & Google search partner website (non Google websites like AOL, Google Maps, YouTube, etc).

Next time we will see how the content for Shopping campaigns, which also includes Product Listing Ads, needs to comply with Google’s Shopping Policies. Till then keep being awesome 🙂

(Content source and courtesy: Adwords


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