How can you execute a media plan without any help and save money?

Importnat note: the below given website link is not working anymore. My sincere apologies to my readers for this. 

Many a times brand managers face tight deadlines and they have to depend on various parties to make a media plan and execute it. What if you can make the media plan for platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google yourself? The icing on the cake will be if you can identify if any of the keywords are leaking money. Today we are going to see a tool which does exactly this. It is called You can subscribe to a 14 day free trial here.

Here are the steps on how you can use the tool. Go to the following URL –

On the basis of your comfort take up a subscription. It starts from as low as 3$ a month.

Once subscribed, login to your account.

login screen image

Once inside you will be showed a Dashboard page as follows.

Dashoboard image

As you have to submit the campaign in order to identify which keywords are leaking money, you will have to follow the following process.

Click on the settings button on top of the page

settings button image

Once on the ‘Campaign Settings’ page, you will have to choose the account (e.g. your Google Adwords account) from which you want to import the campaigns for analysis.

Once the campaigns are imported you will have to ‘Start Analysis’. You can select from any of the following objectives for which you are trying to optimize the campaign:

Optimize for – conversions, more leads, more clicks, more visits, more app installs.

campaign objective image

Once submitted, you will have to click on ‘All campaigns’ on the left side. Now here you can see that each campaign has got a dot in front of them. This denotes their status, red means ‘disabled for analysis’, orange means ‘submitted for leak analysis’, green means ‘analysis complete’.

When you click on the campaign with the green dot, you will be taken to the campaign page.

Here click on the ‘Recommendations’ tab, you will see the following screen.

Recommendations image

Here is where you will be showed which keyword is non-performing, how much the keyword bid should be, which keyword will perform better if you change the ad copy and which keyword will convert shortly.

This is a gold mine of information no matter how large or small a campaign you are running. As any savings impact on the overall budget will give greater ROI on the campaign.

Do try out this tool and let me know if you have benefited from it.

Till next time keep being awesome 🙂

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