What are different audiences that could be created in Facebook? – Part 3

Recently Facebook made a few changes on the mobile user interface, which will change how a page will look on mobile. This will help the brands to incorporate CTA (call to action) buttons, in order to get more prominence to actions such as “Book Now”, “Contact Us”, “Shop Now”. Facebook is also testing a new CTA for mobile “Call Now”. To help small businesses the social networking site has released new sections such as “Shop” and “Services”. Facebook in a blogpost said “The new features for Pages reflect our belief that no matter if you’re a plumbing company, a flower shop, a non-profit or a brand, your Page should house the information people are looking for, help you communicate with your customers, and support your unique goals,”.  This is great news for small businesses that may not even have to create a website but can use Facebook for all their needs. We will talk about this in another blog though.

Today we are going to look at how you can create custom audiences through your app.

First you have to register your app and set up app events to reach specific users. The step-by-step process is given here.

App events help you understand the makeup of people who engage with your app and measure and reach specific sets of your users with Facebook mobile app ads. Following is a list of few app events that you can target your audience on:

  • Add to cart
  • Add to wish list
  • Complete registration
  • Complete tutorial
  • Rating given
  • Initiated checkout
  • Product viewed

You can get the list of app events for Android here and for iOS here.

Just follow the steps below and you will have a custom audience from your mobile app.

Go to Power Editor –> Select ‘Audiences’ from the top menu bar.

Top menu bar image

Then choose ‘Custom Audience’ from the right side drop down ‘Create Audience’.

custom audience drop down image

Select the type of audience as ‘App Activity’ and click on ‘Create Audience’ button.

Name your audience and the app you want to create a Custom Audience from.

Click ‘Action Taken’. Keep in mind that clicking within the empty box next to this will show the app events your app is currently measuring. Choose which event you would like to create an audience with and fill in the requested details.

You can specify the time for which you want to create an audience. For example, target those people who have completed registration ‘In the last 60 days’.

Click ‘Create Audience’ to finish.

Your audience is ready to use and you can run the campaigns for your app audience.

That’s it for today. Hope this series helped you bust many doubts about creating audiences on Facebook.

Till next time keep doing awesome things 🙂

(Content source: https://www.facebook.com/business/help)


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