How to use Google Hangouts to live stream – Part 1

Cricket is a game that is followed in our country with lot of passion. When this passion and technology is clubbed, the result is a beautiful synergy. Sachin Tendulkar needs no introduction. On Feb 21 ICC declared that Sachin will go live on social networking app Google+ hangout on Sunday during the mid-innings break of the India vs South Africa World Cup Pool B encounter at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The conversation could be followed on Google+ with #AskSachin. The event was a good success. Today we will see how you can live stream any event on Google+, YouTube and your website.

In this blog post we will see how to prep your channel to stream live from Google hangout to YouTube. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your YouTube account. Google has a policy that one account created for Gmail, Google Drive or Google+ can be utilized for other Google products also. So if you have a Gmail id then use the same one to log into YouTube account.
  1. Select “Creator Studio” as showed below. It is a button which you will see when you click on the profile picture of yours

Creator studio image

  1. Once you are on the dashboard, click on the “Live Events” link under the tab “Video Manager”. You will be able to see the below given menu on left side of the screen

Live events image

  1. Once you go to the Live events page, click on the “Enable live streaming” button.

enable Live streaming image

  1. An account verification window will open. Select your country and the method of delivering verification code to you.

account verification image 1

  1. You will receive a sms if you go with the text option. Once you have keyed in the code you will get a verification window as showed below.

Youtube verification image

  1. Click on “Continue”. You will See a “Terms and conditions” page. Click on “I Agree”.
  1. Your channel is now enabled for live streaming. You will see the following page. Click on the “Create live event” button

Create live event image

  1. Fill up the details in the form given.

New event image

The info required is – The title, start time and end time of event, tags if your event is related to a particular topic.

Select the privacy option from the following 3:

Public: Allows anyone to join your event

Unlisted: Say you want to host this event with a particular set of people and just want to share a link with them, select this option.

Private: Want the security to be even better? This option is what you are looking for. Here only people whom you have invited will be able to access the event. They will have to login via their YouTube account. It’s better not to go for this option if your event is not very exclusive.

  1. You can see a text box above Google+ & Twitter icon. Add a message to your video and the same could be shared on both the places.
  1. Under “Type” click on “Quick”. This is for using Google+ hangouts on air. Once you click on “Create Event” you will be taken back to the Live events page where you can see the event scheduled.

Live_Events image 2

You can edit event details such as privacy settings, description or add cards (this is mainly used when you want your fans to show their support for the event monetarily. But for that you need to enable Fan Funding for your channel.) If your event isn’t starting right away (e.g. it is starting after a few days or weeks), you can return to your YouTube Events page later and click “Start Hangouts on Air” when you’re ready.

That’s it for today. Next time I will show you how to invite people, start hangout on air and how to access the recording.

Till next time be awesome 🙂


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