Search Engine Marketing (SEM) series – Part 2 – Showing ads on Google maps and other places

Google has a great knack in weaving emotional stories along with their brand positioning. One recent example is its short film on getting women online. The video touches the emotional cord of a mother daughter relation. The film starts with the daughter leaving for work, as she steps out she remembers the first day of her school. This triggers a host of emotions inside her and she rushes back to her mother who is about to start learning on the laptop. The VO gives a message “That was my first day at school, today is hers”. The video closes with a line “Help your mother discover a new world, help her get online”.

Amazing video! You can check it out here – Help you mother get online by Google.

Today we are going to see at which all places your ad could be showed with the help of location extensions.

  • Google Search Network – The location extension gives a different feel to your ad. On search network the ad appears with title text, your business address and phone number. If you are thinking high end phones then your business number will be replaced with “Call” button.

search ad image

  • Google Maps – This is a great way to attract potential customers. Ads on Google Maps allows your prospects to contact and find you. There are two ways how the ads could be showed on Google maps.

First – Within info cards below the search box.

Info cards image

Second – On map. These ads appear with a yellow “Ad” icon and text from your search ad.

On map ads image

When someone searches, for example, a restaurant or a café in Google maps on their mobile, Search ads could appear below the search box or map as showed below. Enabling location extensions on your ad will ensure a yellow “Ad” icon appears on the search ad which is showed as on-map ad.

Google maps for mobile image

Free clicks

There are a few types of clicks for which you are not charged in AdWords. These clicks are called “Free clicks”. Let’s see what do these types include:

  1. Save Location clicks
  2. Share Location clicks
  3. Navigation (using navigation after the directions button is clicked)

This could act as a great customer insight tool to determine how your customers interact with the brand and their ad.

To view your free clicks, go to the Dimensions tab in AdWords and select View > Free clicks.

  • Google Display Network – Location extensions along with text ads are an awesome combo. This will help you to show your ads in Google display network – on desktop, mobile apps, mobile web. In these ads your location will be marked on a map. Another great thing is you will be charged only when a customer clicks the title, swipes up, taps the arrow button or clicks the expanded map on mobile to see surrounding area.

The different sizes in which your ads may appear are as follows:

  1. Vertical: 120×240, 120×600, 160×600, 200×200, 250×250, 300×250, 300×600, 336×280
  2. Leader board or banner: 468×60, 728×90, 970×90

That’s it for today. Hope all of you will be using suggestions given in this post & benefit from it to the fullest.

Till next time, keep doing awesome things 🙂

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