Search Engine Marketing (SEM) series – Part 1 – Drive footfalls through search

Oscars are over long time back but what stays with me is a real time campaign done by Google wherein viewers could be tapped into and converted to customers, leading them to watch the award winning movie on play store. The case in point is “Birdman”.

As Sean Penn read the list of nominees, Google had eight possible ads ready to go. The moment that Birdman won the Academy Award, Google flipped the switch for the Birdman custom creative. Fans watched Alejandro González Iñárritu and his cast take the stage while ads congratulating the film were delivered to second-screen devices. What used to take hours to scale now took mere seconds, and viewers could go directly to the Google Play Store to buy or rent the winning film.

More than 36 million fans tuned in to see who took home those coveted statues. But viewers are doing much more than simply watching TV: Nielsen research suggests that 84% of smartphone and tablet owners watch TV with their mobile device in hand. And as soon as a movie wins an award, searches for that movie skyrocket, according to Google Trends.

But today’s blog post is not about how will you get people to watch more movies or shows but how could you drive footfalls in your store through search campaigns. The key to business success today is to get the right ad in front of right customers at right time and place. Objective is to let your customers on the web know that you are close by and have what they are looking for.

First step to do this is to set up location extensions.

How does it help? Well for starters they show your business address, phone number, and a map marker with your ad text. Next, on mobile, location extensions include a link with directions to your store.

WOW!!! That’s what I thought.

Here are the steps to set up location extensions:

  1. Sign in adwords account
  2. Click on ad extensions tab

Ad extensions tab image

  1. Click on + Extension button

Click +extension image

  1. You’ll see the prompt to link your Google My Business account.

Link my business and adwords account image

When your Google My Business account is synced, any text ad in your account is eligible to show your local business information. You can set up filters to assign addresses to particular campaigns or ad groups. New locations you add to Google My Business may take up to 24 hours to sync with your AdWords account.

In case you have used different email ids to set up Google My Business account and adwords account then you have to sign in to Google My Business account, add the adwords account as manager. In the Gmail of My Business account, accept the invitation for adwords email to become a manager. Once you’ve accepted the invitation to manage locations for your Google My Business account, it may take up to 24 hours to sync with your AdWords account.

Your location extensions set up is done. Next time we will see sites & devices where location extensions can show your business information.

Till next time, keep doing awesome things 🙂

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