How to use Google Hangouts to live stream – Part 2

You are running a YouTube campaign for a game app that you have. Brand Lift solution from Google will measure the search activity for your brand and keywords related to your app. Within a matter of days the Brand Lift solution will tell you the lift in brand interest resulting from your YouTube campaign. You can answer questions like – Is my ad breaking through my target audience, does my ad lift an interest for my brand & new game, what brand related keywords the user is searching for after being exposed to my ad. Here’s how the Brand Lift survey works click here.

A recent study by “Think with Google” gives an insight on how YouTube Ads are performing. The results were:

  • 94% of the campaigns drove a significant lift (around 80%) in ad recall
  • 65% of Google Preferred ads saw an increase in brand awareness by 17%

Advertisers need to adapt a new mindset wherein driving an effective brand spend will be a function of measuring brand metrics in near real time. Google Brand Lift could achieve exactly that.

But you must be thinking we were supposed to learn live stream Google Hangout to YouTube? Yes we are going to but the “Brand Lift” concept is a game changer and that’s why shared it with you.

Let’s begin with how to invite people to your event.

Visit the “Live Events” page. As soon as you click on the “Start Hangout on Air” button.

Start hangout image

You will get a Google Hangout window.

Google Hangout image

To invite people click on the icon showed below.

Invite people image

You will have to fill up the message, type the names of people or circles whom you want to invite and click on “Invite”.


Another way to invite is to embed the below showed code on your blog or website.

Embed video image 1

Embed video image 2

This way you can directly take participants to that page and do any required amount of branding changes, enhancements.

How to change or adjust event settings

Click on the top of menu bar of the hangouts window.

event settings image 1

You can adjust the camera, audio & speaker settings. As you can see below I have not selected any camera or mike. Hangouts automatically diagnose any elements which will help improve the overall event experience.

event settings image 2

In order to control participants’ settings click on the “Cameraman” icon on left menu bar as showed below. Select the right kind of settings mentioned on the Right side by clicking Yes or No.

Cameraman image

If you want to control each participant individually, e.g. there is a Q&A session, you want to hear from each participant then click on “Control Room” tab on left side. You can mute or unmute both audio & video of participants’. If a participant is causing trouble you can eject that person as well as give control of the hangout to someone else for some time, e.g. a speaker.

Once you are ready with all the settings you can click on the button given at the bottom of the hangout & start/stop your Google hangout on air.

Start broadcast image

Stop broadcast image

Streaming a live event on YouTube gives a unique benefit. You can share recording URL with anyone later on.

Now you must be thinking how to access the recording? Good question.

You will have to click on creator studio then click on video manager. Here you will see the recording of the event.

access recording image

You can edit the video and make it better. Refer the top menu bar as showed below.

edit video image 1

Custom thumbnail is a cool feature in YouTube video manager. You can choose from the options given by YouTube or select an image of your choice. Just ensure that the image size is less than 2 MB.

customised thumbnail image

The video recording URL could be provided to participants via social media or newsletter. The information could be found in the same window as displayed below

video information image

YouTube and Google Hangouts are very simple tools with an added benefit of recording your event and also broadcasting it at multiple places.

That’s it for this series. Hope you used the info in your work and learned something new.

Till next time. Be Awesome 🙂


How to use Google Hangouts to live stream – Part 1

Cricket is a game that is followed in our country with lot of passion. When this passion and technology is clubbed, the result is a beautiful synergy. Sachin Tendulkar needs no introduction. On Feb 21 ICC declared that Sachin will go live on social networking app Google+ hangout on Sunday during the mid-innings break of the India vs South Africa World Cup Pool B encounter at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The conversation could be followed on Google+ with #AskSachin. The event was a good success. Today we will see how you can live stream any event on Google+, YouTube and your website.

In this blog post we will see how to prep your channel to stream live from Google hangout to YouTube. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your YouTube account. Google has a policy that one account created for Gmail, Google Drive or Google+ can be utilized for other Google products also. So if you have a Gmail id then use the same one to log into YouTube account.
  1. Select “Creator Studio” as showed below. It is a button which you will see when you click on the profile picture of yours

Creator studio image

  1. Once you are on the dashboard, click on the “Live Events” link under the tab “Video Manager”. You will be able to see the below given menu on left side of the screen

Live events image

  1. Once you go to the Live events page, click on the “Enable live streaming” button.

enable Live streaming image

  1. An account verification window will open. Select your country and the method of delivering verification code to you.

account verification image 1

  1. You will receive a sms if you go with the text option. Once you have keyed in the code you will get a verification window as showed below.

Youtube verification image

  1. Click on “Continue”. You will See a “Terms and conditions” page. Click on “I Agree”.
  1. Your channel is now enabled for live streaming. You will see the following page. Click on the “Create live event” button

Create live event image

  1. Fill up the details in the form given.

New event image

The info required is – The title, start time and end time of event, tags if your event is related to a particular topic.

Select the privacy option from the following 3:

Public: Allows anyone to join your event

Unlisted: Say you want to host this event with a particular set of people and just want to share a link with them, select this option.

Private: Want the security to be even better? This option is what you are looking for. Here only people whom you have invited will be able to access the event. They will have to login via their YouTube account. It’s better not to go for this option if your event is not very exclusive.

  1. You can see a text box above Google+ & Twitter icon. Add a message to your video and the same could be shared on both the places.
  1. Under “Type” click on “Quick”. This is for using Google+ hangouts on air. Once you click on “Create Event” you will be taken back to the Live events page where you can see the event scheduled.

Live_Events image 2

You can edit event details such as privacy settings, description or add cards (this is mainly used when you want your fans to show their support for the event monetarily. But for that you need to enable Fan Funding for your channel.) If your event isn’t starting right away (e.g. it is starting after a few days or weeks), you can return to your YouTube Events page later and click “Start Hangouts on Air” when you’re ready.

That’s it for today. Next time I will show you how to invite people, start hangout on air and how to access the recording.

Till next time be awesome 🙂

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) series – Part 2 – Showing ads on Google maps and other places

Google has a great knack in weaving emotional stories along with their brand positioning. One recent example is its short film on getting women online. The video touches the emotional cord of a mother daughter relation. The film starts with the daughter leaving for work, as she steps out she remembers the first day of her school. This triggers a host of emotions inside her and she rushes back to her mother who is about to start learning on the laptop. The VO gives a message “That was my first day at school, today is hers”. The video closes with a line “Help your mother discover a new world, help her get online”.

Amazing video! You can check it out here – Help you mother get online by Google.

Today we are going to see at which all places your ad could be showed with the help of location extensions.

  • Google Search Network – The location extension gives a different feel to your ad. On search network the ad appears with title text, your business address and phone number. If you are thinking high end phones then your business number will be replaced with “Call” button.

search ad image

  • Google Maps – This is a great way to attract potential customers. Ads on Google Maps allows your prospects to contact and find you. There are two ways how the ads could be showed on Google maps.

First – Within info cards below the search box.

Info cards image

Second – On map. These ads appear with a yellow “Ad” icon and text from your search ad.

On map ads image

When someone searches, for example, a restaurant or a café in Google maps on their mobile, Search ads could appear below the search box or map as showed below. Enabling location extensions on your ad will ensure a yellow “Ad” icon appears on the search ad which is showed as on-map ad.

Google maps for mobile image

Free clicks

There are a few types of clicks for which you are not charged in AdWords. These clicks are called “Free clicks”. Let’s see what do these types include:

  1. Save Location clicks
  2. Share Location clicks
  3. Navigation (using navigation after the directions button is clicked)

This could act as a great customer insight tool to determine how your customers interact with the brand and their ad.

To view your free clicks, go to the Dimensions tab in AdWords and select View > Free clicks.

  • Google Display Network – Location extensions along with text ads are an awesome combo. This will help you to show your ads in Google display network – on desktop, mobile apps, mobile web. In these ads your location will be marked on a map. Another great thing is you will be charged only when a customer clicks the title, swipes up, taps the arrow button or clicks the expanded map on mobile to see surrounding area.

The different sizes in which your ads may appear are as follows:

  1. Vertical: 120×240, 120×600, 160×600, 200×200, 250×250, 300×250, 300×600, 336×280
  2. Leader board or banner: 468×60, 728×90, 970×90

That’s it for today. Hope all of you will be using suggestions given in this post & benefit from it to the fullest.

Till next time, keep doing awesome things 🙂

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) series – Part 1 – Drive footfalls through search

Oscars are over long time back but what stays with me is a real time campaign done by Google wherein viewers could be tapped into and converted to customers, leading them to watch the award winning movie on play store. The case in point is “Birdman”.

As Sean Penn read the list of nominees, Google had eight possible ads ready to go. The moment that Birdman won the Academy Award, Google flipped the switch for the Birdman custom creative. Fans watched Alejandro González Iñárritu and his cast take the stage while ads congratulating the film were delivered to second-screen devices. What used to take hours to scale now took mere seconds, and viewers could go directly to the Google Play Store to buy or rent the winning film.

More than 36 million fans tuned in to see who took home those coveted statues. But viewers are doing much more than simply watching TV: Nielsen research suggests that 84% of smartphone and tablet owners watch TV with their mobile device in hand. And as soon as a movie wins an award, searches for that movie skyrocket, according to Google Trends.

But today’s blog post is not about how will you get people to watch more movies or shows but how could you drive footfalls in your store through search campaigns. The key to business success today is to get the right ad in front of right customers at right time and place. Objective is to let your customers on the web know that you are close by and have what they are looking for.

First step to do this is to set up location extensions.

How does it help? Well for starters they show your business address, phone number, and a map marker with your ad text. Next, on mobile, location extensions include a link with directions to your store.

WOW!!! That’s what I thought.

Here are the steps to set up location extensions:

  1. Sign in adwords account
  2. Click on ad extensions tab

Ad extensions tab image

  1. Click on + Extension button

Click +extension image

  1. You’ll see the prompt to link your Google My Business account.

Link my business and adwords account image

When your Google My Business account is synced, any text ad in your account is eligible to show your local business information. You can set up filters to assign addresses to particular campaigns or ad groups. New locations you add to Google My Business may take up to 24 hours to sync with your AdWords account.

In case you have used different email ids to set up Google My Business account and adwords account then you have to sign in to Google My Business account, add the adwords account as manager. In the Gmail of My Business account, accept the invitation for adwords email to become a manager. Once you’ve accepted the invitation to manage locations for your Google My Business account, it may take up to 24 hours to sync with your AdWords account.

Your location extensions set up is done. Next time we will see sites & devices where location extensions can show your business information.

Till next time, keep doing awesome things 🙂

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