Create an app install campaign on Google Display Network

Nikhil has a recipes app which features only healthy recipes and wants to show his ads in other recipes apps. The targeting should be “Health & Fitness” under “Mobile app categories”. Assuming that users of this app are tech savvy working professionals, they may also try other apps of similar kind. Nikhil can add these people to targeting who have installed other recipe apps by selecting “Apps previously downloaded” & when these customers go on other recipe apps they will see Nikhil’s app install add.

Today we will look at how to create an app install campaign for Google display network. So let’s start!

On the “Campaigns” tab, click the +Campaign drop-down menu, and select Display Network only.

display network image

Add a name for your campaign. You may want to indicate in the name that this is an app install campaign.

Campaign Name image

Select type as “Display network only” and click “Marketing objectives” which will give you following options. Click on “Install your mobile app” as that’s our objective for the campaign.

Marketing objective image

Select the app you’d like to promote from the drop-down menu, or click “Add a new app” to enter a new one.

Select app image

Add new app image

Under “Devices” you can select what OS, model or operator you want to target.

OS image

Model image

Operator image

In “Bid Strategy,” choose either CPC bidding, or Focus on installs. Adwords backend can count installs as conversions for Android apps in the Google Play store automatically. Budget for the campaign can also be mentioned. I have mentioned a budget of Rs. 500 a day.

Bid strategy and budget image

Under “Locations” I have selected 2 cities and 1 state. Here you can choose at Country, State and City level.

Locations image

While scheduling the ad, I can select “From – To” date, also the hours at which the ads should be showed can be defined. For example, if you know that your ads get least traction during evening 6-9 pm you can choose not to show ads during that time frame.

Scheduling ad image

A great feature of Adwords is that you can select Ad Rotation option on the basis of ads which have best rate of conversion. Look at the below given option. If you are doing a branding campaign, impressions matter a lot. I can choose to limit the impressions at daily, weekly, monthly level. The impressions cap could also be implemented at Campaign, Ad group as well as Ad level.

scheduling frequency image

At the ad group level define name and target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Google will automatically set the CPC bids in such a manner that your average CPA will be lesser or equal to target CPA.

Ad group target CPA image

One can choose to select what “Interests” need to be targeted or where the ad needs to be placed by selecting “Placements”. Well an interesting point to note here is that you can reach customers who have recently bought a new phone, target customers who have visited your site in the past or reach out to similar customer profiles like your website visitors. Awesome right?

Target your ads image

When you are selecting a template you can choose from the following options.

choose template image 1

Video ad is a very good option if you want to bring an element of interactivity in your campaign. Otherwise if you go for the app install ad as showed below, please be careful of Adwords’ policy on ad content and description. For example, punctuation mistakes or direct call to action like “Click here” would not be approved in the ad.

choose template image 2

In the above image you can see that there is an option of excluding tablets. This way you can just focus on mobile devices and not dilute the campaign TG. At this stage I can see the ad preview also.

Once the ad is created the following window will open. Right now the status is “Under review”. Google takes max 1 day to approve or reject ads. The data can be seen on the basis of conversions, clicks, day and many other combinations.

Adwords backend image

That’s it for today. Do let me know if you found this blog useful and what were your insights from any app install campaign that you have done.

Till next time be awesome 🙂

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