Twitter marketing basics Part 3 – Twitter lists

Mentos is a great brand and has always been known for its quirky ads. Recently it launched #FarakPadega campaign. In this, an angry chicken can be seen berating his son and wife on certain aspects. For example in one of the ads, the dad chicken and son chicken are having a family talk, suddenly there is a human hand which comes in the frame and offers the new Mentos while the voiceover says it’s bigger, softer and better. Highly unimpressed, the angry chicken dad snaps the hand to shut up and proceeds to scold his son. You should check it out it is really funny.

Imagine a scenario wherein a campaign launch like this not only requires you to monitor competition but also expects you to be on top of trends, engage with bloggers, do event marketing and reward your biggest fans.

Sounds like a lot of work? Let’s see if we can make it less. Today we will look at all these aspects from twitter lists’ perspective.

Usually the very famous twitter trends window will be the first thing to go to for latest trends and news.  But alternately, to stay on top of trends, create a list of top websites and users who always do breaking news piece. Ensure that the sources are novel in nature and do not fall under the mundane set of twitter handles. I personally use the search functionality given in twitter to find out trends. Below is an example when you do a search for “digital marketing”.

Look at the right side top, here when you click on the text box you will see related searches plus can visit the advanced search page. Alternately you can click on the left hand side tab to reach this page.

Search term image

On the search page you have varied filter options as showed below. You can search by date, location, phrases, hashtags, twitter handles, type of tweet (positive, question, retweet). The search could be saved and accessed by clicking on the top right search bar. It is a very useful feature.

Advanced search image

At the time of a product launch lot of events/workshops are conducted. Twitter lists could be created to help you manage the event smoothly and generate buzz around it.

Create a twitter list of speakers and attendees. This will help everyone to connect with each other and decide on what needs to be covered at the event. It turns out to be a bonus for those who are not able to attend the event. The activities can be followed in real time.  Sharing link of the list throughout the event not only helps the speakers and attendees but also creates lots of conversations.

A similar kind of exercise can be done for the most active social customers. You can create a list of these people and interact with them on regular basis. Follow their tweets, interact with these customers by RTing, asking questions or responding to their tweets. This will help you create brand ambassadors amongst customers.

For the most active followers, a list can be created. These are the people who share your blog posts and retweet your content. Engaging with these fans by sharing their tweets or having conversation related to the topic of their liking will create positive sentiments about your brand.

Twitter is a great resource not only to share information but also develop relationships with others in your field. Twitter will continue to grow and come up with new features. Information will get even more difficult to filter. Well-kept lists act as a permanent filter for each of your points of interest.

That’s it for this series. Hope all of you enjoyed and benefited from this content. Let me know how you have used twitter lists. It will be a great help to others who are looking at using this feature extensively.

Until next time, be awesome 🙂

(“#FarakPadega campaign” content courtesy –


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