Twitter marketing basics Part 2 – Twitter lists

Recently I came across an amazing campaign at the heart of which is the thought ‘Making good happen’ and an  adorable story of a father and son – Daddy aur Zooey. Film begins in a hill station where a little boy is waking up his father in morning. As the day goes on, the father tries his best to impress his boy through minor actions like getting a cookie jar from top shelf and more. At the son’s birthday party, we see the father get upset as the son sits on the shoulders of his favourite super hero, jumping with joy. This makes the father challenge the superhero to an arm wrestling match. To the father’s surprise, his son starts cheering for him, bringing tears to his eyes. Later we see the two sharing a laugh at a field, as we see the fathers’ arm is bandaged. The voiceover in the end says, “Hum jeete hai…bas… apno ke achche ke liye”. The hashtag #daddyaurzooey is displayed along with ‘Making good happen’.

Imagine you got to know about this campaign as soon as it was posted on twitter without letting the other brand know that you are following them. This is now possible through private twitter lists.

Just like we prepped a public list last time. Let’s make a private list – “Competitor test”.

First click on the “Lists” button in the profile menu bar as showed below.

Start list image

Fill in the details about the list and select privacy as “Private”.

Competitor list image

Now add people or brands those you want to monitor to this list. Once the list is ready here’s how the list will look like.

Competitor test list image

When you select the list from the below showed section.

Lists section image

The results page will consist of all the latest updates from the list members.

Private list result image

Now you can easily monitor your competitor’s tweets. You can analyze how they interact with their followers on twitter. Check out their updates, offers, news or a new campaign which they have launched. Observe what works for them and adapt it for your brand. This could result into a competitive advantage as you are always ahead of the curve. Making the lists’ setting private ensures that your competitors won’t know that you are monitoring them.

There is also another way to get a good traction on your brand handle – through influencer engagement or by connecting with industry leaders.

Create a Public list of known leaders in your industry. Add influencers who may be relevant to your business. Once done then use this list to improve your relationship with these leaders/influencers. Retweet their content, mention them, when they ask questions be the first to answer. Creating this kind of list will add value to your profile, this kind of list could be a valuable resource for others. Share this list with your followers and recommend that they subscribe to it.

If you are finding it difficult to locate industry leaders/influencers, then go to the competitors’ profile and see which influencers they are following, you will have your list ready!

In the next part we will see a few more tips on how to use twitter lists. Till then be awesome 🙂

(“Daddy aur Zoey” content courtesy –


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