How to take care so your Facebook ads/apps are not rejected – Part 3

There is an Indian family traveling on an international airline. All of a sudden the family starts distributing dubbas and dubbas of food (all Indian food). The air hostess is shell-shocked to see this. During all this one aunty from behind stands up and says “Aur dikhao”. This is a new campaign from Amazon, at the center of which is a two-minute film directed by Shimit Amin (Chak De), music score by Ram Sampat and lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. It takes the viewer through an array of hilarious situations with typical Indian consumer behaviour. The lyrics are suited well with the resounding, “Hindustani dil kehta hai…aur dikhao…aur dikhao.” Check it out it’s damn funny…

You must be thinking why I am bringing this up today. Well a few marketers have a habit of showing more in a single ad or campaign but “Aur dikhao” mentality doesn’t work with Facebook. Today we will look at how the ad content should be, in order to get it approved by Facebook backend.

Here is a check list for your reference:

– Content must comply with all laws and regulations.

– Content can’t be false, deceptive or misleading

– Don’t promote illegal things

– Video ads for health products can’t play automatically

– No dating sites with a sexual emphasis can be promoted

– No promotion of drug or tobacco paraphernalia

– No promotion of prescription drugs

– No links to spyware or malware

– No software that performs activities hidden to the user

– No automatic downloads or surprise download dialog boxes

– Don’t promote business models like MLM

– Don’t promote weapons or stuff related to weapons

– Don’t break trademark laws

– Ads may not insult, attack, harass, bully, threaten, demean or impersonate others.

– Ads may not advocate hate or violence, whether directed at an individual or a group, based on membership within certain categories. These categories include, but are not limited to, race, sex, creed, national origin, religious affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or language.

– Ads that are targeted to minors may not promote products or services that are illegal for use by minors in their jurisdiction, or that are deemed to be unsafe or inappropriate.

– Ads may not contain adult content, including nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative.

– Ads may not be shocking, sensational or disrespectful, or portray excessive violence.

For alcohol product ads, following are a few don’t:

– Content intended to appeal to anyone younger than the permissible targeted age group

– Portray or be targeted at pregnant or nursing women

– Negatively portray abstinence from alcohol consumption or moderate alcohol consumption

– Positively portray the strength of an alcoholic beverage

– Portray alcohol consumption as causing or contributing to the achievement of personal, intellectual, business, social, sporting, physical, sexual, or other success

– Keep in mind that ads may not be targeted to any people (irrespective of age) in Afghanistan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Egypt, Gambia, Kuwait, Libya, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Russia, Turkey, or any other market where such ads are prohibited.

Tonality of alcohol products:


“Buy Beer and Wine at Joe’s Liquor Shop”

“Come to the Wine festival for a taste of the magic”


“Drink to get Drunk”

“Under 18 drinking allowed”

Ads that receive excessive negative feedback may be removed. Excessive negative feedback or poor performance is often a sign that an ad is poorly targeted, contains suggestive images and language, or relates to sensitive topics.

People can respond negatively to ads for a number of different reasons, but here are some suggestions that may help you improve your ads:

– Poor performance is a sign that your ad hasn’t been targeted to the most relevant audience. Facebook suggests adding targeting parameters so that your ad will be shown to people who are more likely to be interested in your product. By improving how your ad is targeted, you should notice higher conversion rates and better performance overall.

– People consistently respond negatively to ads with suggestive images and language. If your ad hasn’t been approved for feedback, consider selecting a different image, or rephrasing the title and text of your ad.

– Keep in mind that people react strongly to ads related to sensitive topics. If you’re advertising a product or service that’s potentially polarizing, politically related or otherwise controversial, Facebook recommends experimenting with different images, language and types of ads.


The right to reject or approve any ad is Facebook’s sole discretion. An ad that negatively affects Facebook’s relationship with a user or promotes content which is not in line with Facebook’s advertising philosophy is also rejected. These guidelines are subject to change at any time.

That’s all I have for this series. Stay tuned for a new adventure next time. Till then ciao 🙂

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