How to take care so your Facebook ads/apps are not rejected – Part 1

Many a times marketers struggle with getting Facebook ads/apps approved. But on certain occasions trying more than required results in a bigger problem – their account is banned. This got me started thinking. What if we try and identify the major reasons for our ads getting rejected by Facebook and more so the logic with which Facebook approves ads. That’s exactly what this series will be looking at.

Let’s first look at a few platform policies of Facebook:

  1. Build a quality product:

Any app that is built needs to have an easy navigation user interface. The content should be as per the community standards of Facebook. The advertising guidelines should be followed for the app name, icons and description. The categorization of the app should be correct; E.g. if your app is fitness focused then it should be in the “Health and Fitness” category and not in “Games” category.

No information on the app should be perceived by the user as confusing, defrauding or deceiving.

A good example of the easy navigation part of an app is below. The correct app has a clean interface with clear call to action. The wrong app contains multiple broken links, unrelated text, and displays two Continue buttons.

Easy App image

  1. Give people control:

Before publishing any content on people’s wall, consent has to be obtained from them. A publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy should to be provided. This policy explains what data the brand is collecting and how the brand will use that data. This policy is to be included as a privacy policy URL in the App Dashboard as showed below.

Privacy policy URL image

If the brand is tracking a user’s activity, an opt-out has to be provided from that tracking. Make it easy for people to contact the app developers.

  1. Encourage proper use:

Replication of any functionality which is already provided by Facebook will lead to rejection. Any experience that leads to changing of Facebook looks and functions, leads to rejection.

Facebook looks image

The app has to adhere to the Facebook functionality limits. E.g. Don’t notify people when someone unfriends them. Don’t claim your app can show someone who viewed their Timeline.

Encourage people to tag their friends authentically and accurately. Don’t encourage anyone to tag people in content they’re not truly in.

An app whose primary purpose is to redirect people off of Facebook will be rejected.

  1. Login:

We need to verify that the login has been integrated correctly. The app should not hang or crash during the test process. The “Login with Facebook” button should be branded. The code could be found for this here. If a person declines a permission, you can explain why the permission is important and then give them another chance to grant it.

Login permission image

We need to provide a “Log Out” option that functions properly and is easy to find.

Logout image

That’s it for today. Next time we will look at the points to be taken care of while creating any ad and the 20% text rule for any images to be developed for posts.

Till next time keep doing awesome things 🙂

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