First time user of Google Analytics? Enjoy yourself – Part 4

Today we will see how we can dig deeper in Metric and Dimension, plus how to use customization tab.

Taking up from where we left.

In the same line of primary dimension, on the right hand side you can change the graph view of the data showed. By default is the table view called “Data”. The others are “Percentage” (pie chart), “Performance” (bar graph), “Comparison” (comparative bar chart) and “Pivot”. I have selected “Percentage”.

Graph image 1

Graph image 2

Once you click on the “advanced” link which is beside the graph view option you will see a window where you can select a dimension (row) or metric (column). These filters will help you in bifurcating data effectively. E.g. you can show – new users, with a specified no. of sessions, a benchmark bounce rate and to top it all adding the goal completion metric will give conversions from this audience.

Advanced dimension image

When you look at the bottom of the table, you have an option to show more no. of rows. By default it is 10 rows.

Table rows image

Now if you want to dig deeper in the metric (row) then you can click on the row and you will see data related to a specific metric. E.g. I have selected under Audience -> Geo -> Location, I will see the countries from where I am getting traffic.

Country traffic image

Here when I click on United States I get a drill down by region (California). When I click on a region the drill down is presented for cities (Los Angeles).

Region traffic image

city traffic image

This really helps you to understand which location is sending maximum traffic to your site, in turn helping you to create an effective campaign or discount offer for the TG.

Customization of report

The main top menu has third option as “Customization”. This functionality gives you freedom to view right combo of metric and dimension data, which is relevant to your business goals.  You can create the report and email it to a list of email ids on regular basis (e.g. daily, weekly).

Customization tab image

In the above mentioned report I have written the Title as “Example 1 – Custom Report”. This appears on the top of the report as showed in the below given customized report image.

The tab name of the section where data is showed in a timeline is named as “Report Tab”.

In the previous part of this blog we established on fundamental idea that “Metric” is showed in columns and “Dimension” is showed in rows.

In the above given customization image, Metric group is named as “Test Metric Group”. This is displayed in the below given customized report image when you click on the “New Users” dropdown below Report Tab.

I have selected two Metric – “New Users” and “Pageviews”.

Dimensions selected by me are – “Day of the week name” and “City”

The resulting table as showed below gives you the no. of new users and pageviews broken down by day of the week. When you click on any day, the drill-down is given by city names as the second dimension selected is “City”. For further drill down you can add a third dimension below city, click on “+add dimension” as showed in the above given customization image.

Customized actual report image

That’s it for today. Next time we will see how goal setting is done in the dashboard.

Till then do awesome things 🙂


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