How to use Facebook custom ad reports! Part 3 of 3

Hello people, today we will see how you can create reports for cross-devices, website conversion and video views. Let’s start:

  1. View report for placement

Facebook has done some really nice tweaks to the reports dashboard. You can select “Placement and Device” under “DELIVERY” as showed below.

Placement device image

This will add two columns “Placement” and “Impression Device”.

Placement means where your ad was served on Facebook. For example, on newsfeed of a mobile device.

Impression Device means where your last ad was served to someone on Facebook. For example, “Android  Tablet” if someone viewed your ad on a tab run on Android OS.

  1. View report for conversion device

You can select an attribute under “ACTIONS” and get the report for your reference. If you select “Conversion Device” as showed below, a column will be added to the report.

CD image

Conversion device shows the device on which the conversion event you are tracking occurred. For example, “Desktop” if someone converted on desktop computer.

  1. View report by Destination

Selecting Destination under “ACTIONS” will show the URLs where all people are taken. It could be your Facebook page, an external URL with conversion pixel or an app configured with software development kit.

Destination image

  1. View Report by changing Attribution Window

Many a times it happens that you want to know how many people got converted after clicking or viewing the ad. This is possible by changing the setting of attribution window. By default the setting is of:

  • 1 day after viewing ad
  • 28 days after clicking on ad

If you are tracking page likes then it will show you how many page likes happened after viewing or clicking of the ad. Both the values are showed in separate columns.

The settings can be changed after clicking on customize columns. Once you get the following dashboard, click on the “Change Attribution Window” link:

Attribution image

You will get the following options:

  • 1 day after viewing ad
  • 7 days after viewing ad
  • 28 days after viewing ad
  • 1 day after clicking on ad
  • 7 days after clicking on ad
  • 28 days after clicking on ad
  1. Create a Video views report

Once you click on the “Customize Columns” you will get a dashboard as follows:

Video views image

Here you will get amazing options ranging from 30 seconds view to % of video being seen. This will help in understanding where the drop offs are happening and change the video from that point onwards.

Hope this series really helped in understanding the custom ad reports. Do share your feedback. Till next time do awesome things 🙂

(Images and content courtesy Jon Loomer)


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