Facebook conversion lift! Really interesting…

Lift kara dey....

Have you guys heard the song by Adnan Sami? “Lift Kara dey..”

Well many a times when advertisers are doing social media ads somewhere deep down in their hearts they are saying this statement. Well FB seems to have heard this and is launching a new tool which will help marketers in measuring – which of the ad spends on social media have given a boost to sales happening in the store or online, sounds pretty good. This is the reason I will be doing the 3rd part in custom ad reports next week. Let’s understand what all we could expect from this tool “Lift”.

What is “Lift”?

It accurately captures the impact of FB ads in driving business.

How it works?

  1. When Facebook campaign is getting created, a random Test and Control group is created. Test group are those people who can see the ad. Control group are those people who do not see the ad.
  2. The marketer shares conversion data with FB. This could be in the form of pixel conversion. from custom audience or the actual transaction data. (FB claims this will be done in a secure environment just like custom audience list)
  3. FB analyzes the increase (lift) in sales by comparing Test and Control group.
  4. Result of this analysis is showed in Ads Manager

Ad week explained the crux of Lift as follows:

“Lift will study the control group and the group exposed to ads to see if Facebook ads worked. Facebook is measuring the incremental increase in sales provided by its ads, so it is trying to highlight the effect that seeing an ad on the social network had on the end result, not the cumulative effect of all digital ads before the last click.”

This basically means that the focus will be not on what happened before the last click before conversion, but how the tendency of the group is influenced by showing ads on FB and consecutive conversion of the customer.

Measuring conversion lift – why is it important?

This is how Facebook explains the importance of conversion lift measurement.

“Conversion lift is a better solution not just for advertisers on Facebook, but for digital marketers in general. It addresses several of the measurement challenges currently facing marketers:

  • Over-reliance on clicks: While last-click attribution makes sense for search marketing, it’s less useful for other digital or display environments. Counting clicks doesn’t account for the value created by simply seeing an ad. By allowing advertisers to measure the impact of exposure to an ad — with consistency, across devices — conversion lift measurement offers a more holistic view of an ad’s performance.
  • The rapid shift to mobile: The technology that supports current measurement systems (cookies to track exposure and tie to behavior, and clicks as a proxy for sales) is not sufficient in a world where people use multiple devices throughout the day and the majority of purchases still happen in a physical store.
  • Ineffective testing methods: To date, there hasn’t been a widely adopted standard to determine the direct impact of digital advertising. Conversion lift testing is based upon the principles of lift measurement, a scientific approach used in a number of industries — such as direct mail marketing — to determine causation.”

How to use Lift?

Marketers who work directly with Facebook reps will be able to set up conversion lift studies with their account reps and see results, in Ads Manager.

For any more information contact “Facebook for Business” team. Till next time do awesome things 🙂

(Images and content courtesy Jon Loomer, Ad Week and Facebook for Business)



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