How to use Facebook custom ad reports! Part 2 of 3

Hi all, today we will see how reports could be generated for parameters such as gender, age, country, device and placement. It will be exciting, let’s dig in:

  1. Add columns on the basis of objective of the Ad

Say for example, you wanted to know what are the website conversions and value of each conversion. Now that you will be able to get only through customize columns. Click on “Customize Columns” in Reports section. You will get a dialogue box as follows:

Reports image

Click on “Website Conversions” in which select “Website Conversion” under “Actions” and select “Cost Per Website Conversion” under “Cost Per Action”. See below the snapshot:

Web conversion image

The following columns will be added to the default report:

Web conversion column image

  1. Ad Reports by Age

Many advertisers will create different ad sets to do split testing in order to understand which age segment is giving better performance from a conversion, engagement point of view. With custom ad reports this is not necessary. There is a drop down below “Report settings” heading as showed below. By default the “Breakdown” is set to “None”. But you can set it to Age:

Breakdown by age image

Once you click on it the “Age” column will be added to your report:

Breakdown Age column image

  1. Ad Reports by Gender

If you select “Gender” from the dropdown then the column showed in the following manner:

Gender breakdown column image

The data can give you great insights on which gender is responding well to your ads. Accordingly you can continue/discontinue with specific ad sets.

  1. Ad Report by Age and Gender

Well you might know that Male respond to your ads really well and 25-34 age group has maximum engagement. But that age group also have female. How will you single out the specific TG? It’s simple. Just select “Age and Gender” in the “Breakdown” drop box. You will see the following columns:

Age and gender breakdown column image

This will help you in taking decision on which campaign is doing well on what kind of target segments.

  1. Ad Reports by Country

For marketers who sell their products in different countries, the performance for each ad set will differ – country wise. When you select the “Country” option in the “Breakdown” drop box the dashboard will show each campaign in different rows on the basis of country being targeted:

Country breakdown column image

  1. Ad Reports by Placement

There are 2 places where Facebook shows ads – news feed, right column. If you need to know how the ads are performing on different devices then select “Placement” in the “Breakdown” drop box. There will be a column added to your report which will show as follows:

Placement breakdown column image

There can be only 4 values in the column:

  • News Feed on Desktop Computers
  • News Feed on Mobile Devices
  • Right Column Ads on Desktop Computers
  • Right Column Ads on Home Page for Desktop Computers

For marketers what is important is insight, for example – how the ad is performing on mobile news feed v/s desktop news feed.

Next week we will see how to see reports on cross-devices, create a website conversion report and create video views report. Till then be awesome 🙂

(Images and content courtesy Jon Loomer)


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