Like gating is no more: part 2 of 2

Last time we saw what does ‘like gating being no more’ means for marketers and why Facebook did it. Today we will see why it makes sense and what next.

Makes sense or not?

Like gating was used by many marketers who would run ads to build relevant fan base. But if fans got a quality piece such as a book for liking the page, it would have been really great considering these fans really want to consume that kind of content. This means if they like reading the book then fans will also like to see posts from relevant brands.

But how many marketers thought like this? Not many. Majority used like gating in contests. Offering prizes which are not close to the brand’s philosophy. The main point is a fan does not have an inner desire to come and consume the content. The desire is driven by contest which ceases to exist when contest is over.

This kind of strategy has harmful effects beyond getting irrelevant likes.

Facebook says a person on Facebook sees around 1400+ stories in a day. The algorithm reduces the stories to around 300. How is that possible? Most important filter is relevance to the fan.

Like gating confuses Facebook’s algorithm as it can’t make out if the fan wants to see the brand’s content or not. Facebook has abolished like gating to deliver on the promise of a good user experience. If fans like a page for prize and not for relevant content, it results in a bad user experience for other users. This means less time spent on Facebook.

Less time spent on Facebook = less users = negative effect for advertisers.

For example, if your competitor has an enormous fan base then logically you will target that page assuming TG is the same. But what if your competitor has built the fan base by giving out prizes? That’s why you should not do ads which are by interests and focuses on someone else’s brand page. Custom audience (lookalike and website) is a great way to build authentic audience on Facebook. But we will talk about this in a different blog.

Somewhere you will think – “Facebook is late to implement this”. Yes I agree.

There are more than 1 billion fans who might have liked tens of pages already. How will someone make out an irrelevant one from a relevant one? The change will work as a drop in the ocean and those who liked a page for a prize will remain in that brand’s audience.

What next?

Well it’s good news that you will not get irrelevant fans (at least the degree will definitely be toned down). On the other hand it will be difficult to build relevant fans. Only those who really see value in the content you provide will become your fan. The content will be driving factor.

May be its time for us to get creative with our methods.

Let me know how this article helped you and if you have come across anything novel in relation to this topic. Suggestions and feedback is always welcome. Ciao till next time friends 🙂

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