Track and optimize for multiple conversions – Part 2 of 3

In today’s part we will see – how to set conversion value to a pixel, how to track multiple pixels, how to optimize conversion pixel. Let’s dig in…

Setting the Conversion Value

When you create your pixel, you’ll have the option of entering a conversion value. This isn’t required, and that value otherwise defaults to $0.00. But it can be very useful for your reporting!

There are two places where you can enter the value and currency for your conversion…

View Pixel code

Tracking for a Conversion Pixel

You’ve created the pixel, but now it’s time to create a Facebook ad that tracks conversions. How else are you going to measure success?

Use Power Editor. You can track for conversions regardless of your objective. Simply click the “Use Existing Pixels” button when creating your ad…

Use existing pixel

Note that you could have created a pixel at this step as well, but we already created ours!

Now check the conversion pixel you want to track and click the “Select” button…

Select coversion tracking pixel

Optimizing for a Conversion Pixel

Note that in the example above, you can track conversions no matter your objective. However, keep in mind that if your objective isn’t a Website Conversion, Facebook won’t optimize for that action.

Remember that earlier when you created your pixel, you selected the conversion type. Facebook is then able to see which users convert for which conversion type to help optimize accordingly.

When you choose the Website Conversion objective, you’ll be required to select a conversion pixel twice…

website conversion objective

The first button is for choosing the conversion(s) you want to track. The second is for choosing the single conversion you want to optimize for.

Note that the same pixel should be selected for both tracking and optimizing. However, while you can select multiple pixels to track, you can only optimize for one.

Why You Should Track for Multiple Pixels

If you’re driving website traffic, you should seriously consider tracking for conversions. Even if you aren’t leading to a landing page, you should track for any conversion that leads to that content.

When you click the button to track conversions, you can actually select multiple pixels…

Multiple pixels

Note that this is only available within Power Editor. The main ads interface only allows you to track a single pixel per ad.

That’s all for today. Next week, in the last part of this series we will see how custom ad reports could be used. Till next time Ciao 🙂

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