Facebook audience insights part 2

I know I’ve been pretty late in coming up with the second part of this article. So without any delay, let’s get into nick of things – the step 3 and 4 for using audience insights.

Step 3 – Compare: Learn about things like the lifestyle, education level and job title of your audience

Step 4 – Target: Save your audience to use it for later for ad targeting

3. Compare:

Within the main body of Audience Insights, you can view your results in six main categories. This will help you to compare your audience to the typical Facebook user.

  • Demographics

View the composition of your audience based on Age and Gender




Relationship status and education level

Relationship status and education level 

Job Title

job title 

  • Page Likes

View the composition of your audience based on the Top Categories of pages liked and Actual pages liked

pages liked

  • Location

View the top Cities, Countries and Languages of your

cities countries language

  • Activity

See how your audience compares to the typical Facebook user in terms of activities on Facebook

FB activity

We can also find out the kind of devices which our audiences are using

devices used

  • Household

Won’t it be interesting to know if your potential customers rent or own their home? What if you knew their income level? This is possible here…

house owned and income level 

It will be an amazing piece of information to have on how many family members are there in a house. In case you know the kind of household/area (value of house) they live in, different type of services can be marketed to these customers. 

 household size and home value 

Varied offers can be pushed to the customers who have particular spending habit. i.e. If the customer spends more with cash or credit card.

 Cash or credit 

  • Purchase

The purchase behaviour part will give you cues on the kind of category your fans shop from. E.g. if you have a beauty product and you want to target it to only those who buy products from that category, it is possible now.

 purchase behavior 

Automobile / ancillary / accessory makers can also push products on the basis of kind of vehicles customers are planning to buy. Interesting isn’t it? It also means if a car is going to be purchased then other services such as vehicle insurance will also be required.

 kind of vehicle 

4. Target:

Now we have got all this amazing info….but what next?

First, you can save an audience for later use by clicking the Save link at the top

 Save audience 

Later, you can access that saved audience by clicking the Open link at the top.

Within Power Editor, any audience you save here will then appear within Power Editor under Saved Target Groups.

When creating an ad, simply click the Use Existing Targeting Group button during the Audience step. Facebook will then pre-fill targeting based on your Audience settings.

 existing targeting image 

We have completed audience insights 4 steps today. My next blog will be on “Targeting FB users on the basis of purchase behaviour”.

Till then I hope marketers will do amazing things with this info.

Ciao to my friends…until next time and stay tuned. 🙂

(Images and content courtesy www.jonloomer.com)


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