Facebook audience insights – Part 1 – Want to know more about your customers and fans. Facebook audience insights might be an amazing tool…

Every marketer faces a dilemma in identifying the relevant audiences pertaining to their brands / businesses. With the advent of social media this dilemma has turned into a complex problem.

Let’s take one of the social media platforms – Facebook

What if you were able to learn more about your customers and group them as per their characteristics and behaviour patterns online? It will be amazing right. Let’s see how we can achieve this on Facebook…

The functionality is called audience insights.

Facebook breaks audience insights in 4 steps:

  1. Build: Create Audience Insights based on Facebook users, your fans or Custom Audiences
  2. Find: Narrow your audience based on demographics and behaviours
  3. Compare: Learn about things like the lifestyle, education level and job title of your audience
  4. Target: Save your audience to use it for later for ad targeting

Today we will look at step 1 and 2 – Build and Find

Access Audience Insights

On the left hand side of your ads manager you will be able to find “Audience Insights”. Click on it

3 aug image 1

  1. Build

3 aug image

When you click on “Audience insights” you will get a screen that has details about US fans only. For creating new audiences click on “Create New” and you will get a screen with 3 tabs as showed above.

These 3 tabs are:

  • Everyone on Facebook – This will give you the audience split for entire FB
  • People Connected to Your Page – this will give you the split of FB fans for your page
  • A Custom Audience – This is my favourite. Here you can create audiences on the basis of an email list or track people who are coming to your site. Alternately you can create an audience which looks exactly like your website visitor or email list uploaded. Which means new customers can be tapped with this amazing feature. We will get into these features in detail a little bit later.

You can sort your audiences and customize them on the basis of filters used on left hand side. Let’s look at those filters in step 2.

  1. Find

3 aug image 3

You can filter your audience on the left hand side based on the following:

  • Custom Audience
  • Location
  • Age and Gender
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Advanced (Demographics and Behaviours)

Let’s look at each of them one by one:

  • Custom Audience: View Insights on any of your current Custom Audiences. This, of course, includes email lists, phone number lists, UID lists and Website Custom Audiences you’ve previously created.
  • Location: Add countries or cities to further refine your results.
  • Age and Gender: You can narrow down your results by age and gender.
  • Interests: Focus only on people who have particular interests. What is available here is the same as what’s available within Interests targeting when creating an ad.

3 aug image 4

  • Connections: Break down the people connected (or not connected) to your page, app or event.
  • Advanced: This is absolutely amazing stuff and I am sure you will enjoy working with this functionality. Here’s how you can filter:
  • Behaviours: Same found in advanced ad targeting
  • Language
  • Relationship Status: Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, Married
  • Education: High School, College, Grad School
  • Work: Job Titles and Office Types
  • Financial: Income and Net Worth
  • Home: Home Type, Home Ownership and Home Value
  • Market Segments: Ethnic Affinity, Generation and Household Composition
  • Parents: Age of Child
  • Politics (US): Conservative, Liberal, Non-Partisan
  • Life Events: Away From Family, New Job, etc.
  • Device Owners

That’s it for today. We will look at the next step 3 and 4 – Compare and Target in my next blog. Till then Adios to all marketers…

(Images and content courtesy www.jonloomer.com)


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